Fad Diets Can Work, But Experts Find No Magic Slimming Bullet

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The latest global figure is that in garcinia cambogia reviews 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults were overweight. WAVE OF OBESITY According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 36 percent of American adults are obese and almost 70 percent are either obese or overweight. In Britain, a government health study predicts 60 percent of men, 50 percent of women and 25 percent of children will be obese by 2050. Against this background, experts say the search for effective diets must always take account of how easy it is for people to understand and follow, and how likely they are to abide by its restrictions. Michelle Harvie, a research dietician from the Genesis Prevention Centre at Britain’s University Hospital of South Manchester, said that on this front, fasting diets – sometimes called intermittent diets – can be successful.
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Diabetics benefit from high-protein diets without risk, study finds

Within the first six months of the study, both diets helped the participants to lose weight , with almost 9% of body weight lost by those on the high-protein diet and more than 6% by those on the standard diet. Weight loss in both groups plateaued after that time. “Far from seeing any problems caused by the high-protein diet, the participants’ weight loss resulted in improvements to their renal health, as well as to their overall cardiovascular health and the control of their blood-sugar levels,” says Professor Clifton, who is also co-author of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet book. “These benefits were seen in participants on both the high-protein diet and the standard diet , which is a good message for diabetic people who are looking to lose weight and improve their wellbeing. “Even modest weight loss has been shown to provide a range of health improvements for diabetic people.” The results of this study have been published online in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases and in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
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Penn State Professor’s Volumetrics diet ranks top for 2014 by U.S. News and http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/garcinia-cambogia-extract—crucial-data-released-231403591.html World Report

News and World Report By Marissa Fritz | Collegian Staff Writer collegian.psu.edu With the new year just beginning and numerous resolutions to lose or manage weight, the Volumetrics diet created by Penn State professor Dr. Barbara Rolls was ranked by the U.S. News and World Report as one of the Best Diets Overall for 2014. Rolls diet ranked sixth out of 32 in the Best Overall category and placed in the top 15 for five other categories, including Best Diets for Healthy Eating, Best Weight-Loss Diets, Easiest Diets to Follow, Best Diabetes Diets and Best Heart-Healthy Diets. Rolls, professor of nutrition and Helen A. Guthrie Chair of Nutritional Sciences, said the diet is based on the importance of calorie density or the calories eaten per bite and the science of satiety, the feeling of fullness experienced after eating.
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